Sunday, October 23, 2011

Still Riding

I backed off a little after the big weekend last weekend.  But I haven't retired my bike just yet.

Monday - rode the mosey Monday ride with the bike club at 5:45 am.  26.2 Miles
Tues and Wed - No rides
Thursday - Another light, early morning ride with the bike club.  22.5 Miles

Friendly Friday - Followed the normal routine in the morning and rode with the club to breakfast then to work.  40.8 miles.  No ride home.  My father called mid-day and asked if I'd take his care home from the airport (my office is 1 mile from the airport).  So we put the bike in the back of Dad's car and I took him to the airport to catch his flight,  then drove home.  This was NOT the ride of shame. It was a beautiful day.  Instead I was simply being a good son and doing Dad a favor.

Saturday - Coffeeneuring 4/7 - got in a quick ride to Java Diva's for a cuppa joe before heading to NJ for the day to visit Justin for family weekend at The College of New Jersey.  It's his freshman year and my first visit to the campus.  Among other highlights we saw him sing The National Anthem at the TCNJ homecoming game with the Chorale Group he belongs to.  A great day.

Java Divas is at 8355 Ritchie Highway. Pasadena, MD 21122  an 11 mile round trip from home by bike.  The serve good coffee, a nice selection of danishes, muffins, and other snacks to go with the coffee. And the baristas... well they are just very lovely young ladies.  

The Surly at Java Divas From Biking 2011

In addition to coffee and snacks, JD offers other products as well Biking 2011

Sunday - Coffeeneuring 5/7 - Then intercept the OC 13 crew.

I set out from Stevensville at 10 am.  My first stop was The Trailways Truckstop 610 Ruthsburg Rd Centreville, MD 21617 at the intersection with US 301.  It's a truck stop.  They serve fresh, strong, hot coffee and breakfast dishes heaping with eggs, hashbrowns and your choice of bacon, scrapple, sausage or ham.  It's filling and tasty.  But you can't order a latte or a frapacino.  

From Biking 2011

After a cuppa joe and hearty breakfast I continued on in search of the SPP OC 13 riders. They were westbound from Ocean City on day two of OC 13 - SPP's 13th round trip journey to OC from Kent Island.  I couldn't join them for the full trip since we had family plans to check up on the freshman in New Jersey Saturday.  But Sunday I was free to ride.  So I rode their planned route backwards. The intercept worked just as I'd hoped. I found them after 43 miles on Knifebox Rd and then accompanied them back to Stevensville were we toasted the lovely weekend with beer and burgers.  

Total mileage for the day: 86.9

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