Saturday, December 3, 2011

A charmed life....

Wow what a nice morning!  I set out at 7, the thermometer read 32 deg F and the frost on the windshields of the parked cars suggested it was really a little colder. forecast it would warm quickly once the sun got up.  So I layered on two thin wool base layers, my riding jacket, vest and balaclava.. all the things I need to stay comfy at or just below freezing.

I met the SPP at 7:30 as usual and 10 of us rode downtown for breakfast.  The sun was rising bright and clear.  A little blinding even on sections of the trail where it runs Southeast, directly in to the rising sun at this time of year.  Crossing the Naval Academy bridge the sun was downright brilliant.

Breakfast was fun. I struck up a conversation with a couple from Toronto. He's in town to take a 4 day class at the Annapolis School of Seamanship and learn to clean up the "gremlins" (his word) in his boat's electrical system.  She asked about how to find a tour of the Naval Academy while he was in class.  Nice folks.

Being the weekend and a nice day, someone ordered a beer with his coffee and bagel and soon half the peloton had either beer or spiked their coffee with a shot of Bailey's (that's what I chose).  So it was a festive breakfast to say the least.

Stepping back outside I found was right. It was warming nicely.  I shed the baclava and the jacket, opting for a cycling cap with ear flaps and the vest.  Love the Ostrich handle bar bag. Easy to stow the spare clothes.  Had a nice conversation riding back with Chip Adams then got home just as the pancakes were coming off the griddle in our kitchen.  Sometimes it's quite clear I lead a charmed life!!

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