Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Utilitaire 1 of 12 - WORK

The talented and eloquent bloganista of Washington DC, MG, has thrown down another riding challenge.  The Utilitaire 12 requires 12 utility or transportation oriented rides by participants between now and March 16.  I'm a bike commuter, I can do this.

So today was ride 1 of 12, as I commuted to work.

Date: 1/31/2012
Destination: WORK - KMSI offices 839 Elkridge Landing Rd Linthicum, MD
Miles Completed: 33 miles round trip.
Learned / Observed: Bananas in bike bags need ample cushioning or they will bruise. :-(
After Dark: Yes

I'm also taking credit on this one for one of my after dark rides. I left home at 6 am before dawn and arrived home at 7:15 pm after sunset.  The new SON 28 Hub, EDelux Head Light and B&M 4D Lite Plus tail light provided the lighting.

As a bonus, I got to enjoy some amazing weather.  This morning was cool, just above freezing, but clear and  calm. Riding to work as the sun slowly came up was great.  Coming home it was warm enough for bare arms!!

Since I don't have to turn in my control card until mid March and the rules are some what complicated about what combinations of rides can be claimed each week, I intend to tag each candidate ride each week that might qualify as a utilitaire ride here on the blog.  That will certainly include more than 12 such rides in 6 weeks then I will figure out which ones to officially submit on my control card at the end.  Should be fun.

Late revision....   almost forgot Utilitaire Rule 9.  Photos and observations.  Fortunately I did snap a few photos when I stopped for coffee on the way to the office.  I was hoping to catch a good panda shot for cycling cap Tuesday but they didn't come out well.  However this one of the Surly with my reflection looks pretty cool:

What I learned: a banana in the Ostrich front bag needs to be better cushioned. It was quite bruised when I got to the office.

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