Thursday, March 15, 2012

Utilitaire 11 of 12 - Pharmacy (non-Grocery Store)

Date: 3/15/2012
Destination: Rite Aid Severna Park, MD
Miles Completed: 33 miles round trip.
Learned / observed: The old Lucky's Market by Elvaton and Jumper's Hole Rd has been torn down. 
Dark Ride: Yes, early in the morning.

It's been been beautiful weather this week and spring flowers are in full bloom. So are warnings about high pollen counts.  I haven't felt too much yet, but I decided I should be ready before riding our fleche training ride this Saturday.  Planned distance: 160 miles.  So I rode to Rite Aid this evening after work to stock up on fresh supplies of Zertec and Benadryl.  

Along the way I saw that the old Lucky's Market by the trail had been demolished.  I rode by there this morning too and didn't notice that it was gone. Were they that quick? Or was I so engrossed in conversation with Bill C that I missed it this morning?

The old Lucky's Market is gone!!

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