Saturday, April 7, 2012



An odd acronym developed in a fit of creativity from the four towns it visits:   Severna Park, Ellicott City, Waugh Chapel and Crownsville.  107K, an ideal morning workout.  8 of us met to stretch our legs and enjoy the scenery of Potapsco State Park and historic Ellicott City.

Jack, Mike C and I were there to get one last workout before Fleche next weekend.  Randy, Kristie, and Ravi where there to continue extending and improving their riding horizons.  Gardner and John were simply out for a fun morning on the bike.  It made for fun day. It was a bit colder than we expected at the start and the sun doesn't start to warm the Potapsco Valley until a couple of hours after sunrise.   That meant cold fingers for a few in the first hour or so to Ellicott City but otherwise it was a delightful day.

We stopped at a bakery and coffee shop in Ellicott City.  Besides a good breakfast they have a selection of baked goods, treats and pastries.  I purchased 3 Peanut Butter Bombs and carried them home in the trunk bag for desert with the family.

After breakfast Gardner and John opted to ramp up the pace and ride ahead to the finish, while the remaining six continued at a little more leisurely pace.  We got back to Severna Park about 12:30.  From there Jack, Mike C, Ravi, John and I decided to keep going for a bit.  Mike stayed with us to the end of the trail.  The rest of us rode through Annapolis and around Bay Ridge.  Another stop for food at Big Bean in Annapolis and then home.  100 Miles on the day.  For Ravi it was a new personal best distance.  For Kristie and Randy it was another notch in an ever growing list of accomplishments.  For Mike and Jack and I, it was a good workout a week before Fleche.

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