Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Day 3 Summary

Day 3

This is tough.

Calorie consumption vs 1970 net calorie target:  2013 calories net
1 hour of exercise today: NO - logged approx 40 minutes walking
Weight logged this week:  Yes
Servings of alcohol this week: 0
Servings of caffeine today: 3
Blogged summary:  Yes

I didn't eat enough early in the day and got home this evening hungry.  Too many meatballs and then a few large sourdough pretzels pushed me over the calorie goals for the day.  Another morning in single digit temps made outside exercise tough so I was short here too.  And a I had a coffee this afternoon when I started nodding off at my desk.  Mea culpa mea culpa.  Tomorrow's another day.

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