Thursday, February 26, 2015


Wow.  Adopting new diet habits is hard.  I thought will power alone and good log of what I consumed: good for me, bad or indifferent, would be sufficient to let me drive my own behavior where I wanted it to go.  

The last 10 days say it's not so easy.  Really the last two years.  But for now I'll narrow my focus. No sense dwelling too much on what's past unless there are concrete lessons to be learned.

I do see one pattern emerging.  I can eat well for breakfast and lunch, avoid snacks and then find the craving and temptations set in hard each evening.  So back to the interwebs to look for strategies to fight the night time munchies.  I would welcome any comments or suggestions here.

Despite all that, I've lost a pound.  1 down, 63 to go.

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  1. I have found that mid-afternoon (around 3 -4) mini meal breaks up that long stretch from noon to dinner that makes dinner an easy time to lose some food discipline. I have also read that willpower is a limited commodity, it can be increased through use but, at the end of a day the willpower stores tend to be depleted. So a "tea-time" calorie influx may both mitigate late night hunger and postpone will power depletion. Just a thought.