Thursday, July 23, 2015

The red light goes in the back.....

I rode home late last evening after a long day at work.  I left the office just before dusk and got home, 16 miles later, well after sunset. I passed over thirty cyclists heading in the opposite direction while I rode, an unusually large number.  It is always great to see so many people out and it was a lovely evening, so it's no surprise many chose to spend it outside.

But I feel compelled to share my thoughts with a few of them.

Rider 1:  Might I suggest you move the red light from the front to the back of your bike, and consider acquiring a white one for the front bar.  It will illuminate the path in front of you much more effectively, and discourage riders like me coming the other way from swerving in to your path when we pass walkers if we can tell which way you're actually heading.

Rider 2:  That alien flashy mode on your white light is great in broad daylight.  Very effective if you're riding on a shoulder so cars turning on to the road will see you when they look left.  But after sunset, you might find both yours and other's eyesight benefits from the solid setting.

Riders 3 and 4: My previous comments not withstanding, any light is better than none at all after dark. Leave the ninja act for the television.

Riders 5 - 30: many thanks for sharing a great evening on the roads and trails.  A little common sense some simple lighting makes for an enjoyable evening for everyone.

Thanks all.